frequently asked questions.


+ What is Powdered Ombre?

Different from microblading where hair-like incisions are made with a row of needles that resemble a blade, the powdered Ombre technique uses a single 0.3mm needle to insert pigment into the eyebrows by a tattoo gun. Essentially, pigment is being poked and shaded into the skin to aim for a minimally invasive impact.

This technique aims for an 'ombre' look where the dark tail fades into a light gradient towards the front of the brow. Once healed, a soft, natural and powdery look is achieved.

+ Is this the same as body tattooing?

This technique is not the same as body tattooing.

Body tattooing inserts pigments beneath the skin (into dermis layer) whereas the powdered ombre technique, or micropigmentation, inserts pigments to the superficial layer of the skin (in epidermis). Therefore, body tattooing goes deeper beyond the layer of the skin, and powdered ombre does not.

This causes semi-permanent makeup to fade over time (hence semi-permanent), where an annual colour boost is recommended to maintain longevity.

+ Does it hurt?

This procedure may be slightly uncomfortable, however numbing is used throughout the procedure to ensure maximum comfort!

Most of the times, clients fall asleep during the procedure!

+ How long does it last?

Powdered Ombre eyebrows may last from between 1 to 2 years.

A few factors that will fade eyebrows are glycolic peels, facials, sun exposures, salt water, iron deficiency and light pigment color used ( lighter colors fade sooner ). Proper aftercare is key to ensure eyebrows heal with strong colour retention.

+ Do I have to shave or clean my brows?

No! You can arrive with your eyebrows just as is. However, your eyebrows will be sightly groomed during the procedure.

+ How long is this process?

The intial session is allocated four hours to ensure intricate details and care are taken. See the Steps of The Powdered Ombre Process here! Touch up sessions are up to 2 hours.

+ What products do you use and what are the ingredients?

The list of products and ingredients used are:

  • Numbing ingredients are Lidocaine and Tetracaine
  • Pigments are 100% Vegan, kosher-based glycerin, cruelty-free (not tested on animals), do not contain nickel and is manufactured with standard compliance from the US.
  • No latex
  • Witch hazel, Green soap, Vitamin-based ointment

+ What if I have microblading from a previous artist?

Any previous work done is considered corrective work. A correction or cover up is dependent on the age and color of the previous tattoo. Extra charges apply for corrections, cover ups or removals. There is no guarantee a soft ombre front is achievable with previous work done, as the main concern in coverups & corrections would be to neutralize any discoloration, reshape to achieve symmetry and ensure an even healed result.

Please email a photo of your eyebrows to for consultation.

+ Am I an ideal candidate for this procedure?

This procedure is not recommended for those who are:

  • pregnant or breastfeeding
  • on accutane within 12 months
  • under the age of 18

If there are any medical restrictions, please contact

+ Where are you located?

The home-based studio is located in west Toronto, near University of Guelph Humber / Humber College North Campus.

The main intersection is highway 27 and Finch Ave W. The address will be confirmed with a scheduled appointment.

+ How can I book an appointment?

Under the Book Now page, you can select which available date works best for you.

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking, however this will be taken off the total cost of your session.